Our Source

It all starts in the beautifully lush tropical lowlands in Nabukavesi, Namosi, in the Fiji Islands. A special place that enjoys four to five metres of fresh rain each year. This rain filters down through multiple layers of rock before reaching the aquifer from where VaiWai® is extracted.

Being in an aquifer deep below the surface helps keep the artesian water pure, natural, and far from contamination from humans or other activities- it keeps it safe in a totally natural environment. To further safeguard our precious source, we also ensure that our surrounding areas remain pristine and that no contaminating activities take place in or near the water catchment. Our farm, on the surrounding land, uses sustainable organic farming practices at the ‘Kila Organics’ farm. We also have a conservation program in place with Nature Fiji to raise endangered palm species native to the area.

The 420 acre property and land above the VaiWai® source is certified organic by Australia’s Southern Cross Certified (SXC). The stringent certification process, along with our world-class extraction and bottling practices mean that you can rest assured knowing that your water is pure and safe yet loaded with good, natural mineral content to be classed as a fine premium water from Fiji.

Pristine Rainforest in Namosi Water

Our surrounds are lush

Our source is located 29 km away from Suva, Fiji’s capital city and about 161 km from Nadi, Fiji’s main hub for tourism. It is right at the entrance of the rain forest which covers most of Viti Levu island. It’s lush tropical rainforest at it’s finest.

Greens of every colour can be seen as you venture through the rainforest. The main trees and plants you will find around are red palms, tree ferns, mahogany plants, peppers and vanilla.

When it comes to fauna, the forest is the home of boa snakes, barking pigeon, parrots, flying bats, freshwater prawns and eels. It truly is a natural paradise.

Our province, Namosi is rich in life, yet people & few and far between

VaiWai’s® source is located in the Namosi province. Namosi is one of the 8 provinces of Viti Levu island in Fiji. The overall population of Namosi province is only about 7,000 people which makes it the least populated province of all Fijian provinces.

Sand Beaches | Pristine Rainforest in Namosi Water
Sand Beach | Pristine Rainforest in Namosi Water

Home of Our Island Paradise

Fiji, our island heaven, is more than just a beautiful haven with sandy beaches, azure waters, and coconut palms. Indeed, this paradise aligns with the dreamy pictures of white sandy beaches and swaying palms, Fiji is much more than that and extends beyond its idyllic coastal allure to encompass a rich tapestry of lush tropical rainforests.

Fiji, home to approximately 330 inhabited islands, offers a mosaic of serene landscapes awaiting exploration. Each island invites relaxation beneath a canopy of breathtaking sunsets. Beyond the sandy shores, the terrain ascends into hills and mountains cloaked in dense rainforests.

Stepping away from the coastline, the land gently rises, revealing a landscape that is predominantly rolling and low-lying, yet the tallest peak reaches an impressive height of 1,323 meters. Viti Levu, the largest island and the location of VaiWai’s® natural source, spans about 10,400 km2. Home to over 70% of the country’s population, Viti Levu is not densely populated, with the entire nation’s population remaining under one million. Few cities (Suva, Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba, and others) are home to Fiji’s urban life, while the majority of Fijians reside in coastal or mountain villages.

This diverse environmental and cultural landscape not only nourishes the body and soul of those who visit or call it home but also provides the pristine conditions necessary for the pure, refreshing taste of VaiWai® water. VaiWai® artesian water is sourced deep in the rainforests of Namosi, far from industry and in a haven of natural lowland rainforest rich in biodiversity and beauty. VaiWai®, from the heart of Fiji, emerges as a symbol of natural purity.

Our future focus

VaiWai® is brought to you by a manufacturer in Fiji who values the environment and sustainability as core business outcomes and values. Our focus on finding a water bottle which does not harm the environment is only one demonstration of our commitment to the environment. We are dedicated to continually reducing our impact on the environment and improving the environmental situation for future generations. We are proud to say that we are still leading the way with sustainable business practices.

In March 2012, the GREENPLEASS campaign was launched with the aim of identifying and reducing the company’s ecological footprint across all its activities. Recycling, reusing and reducing are the initiatives that we live by and work continuously to improve.

Water Bottle Manufacturer | Pristine Rainforest in Namosi Water
Southern Cross Certified | Pristine Rainforest in Namosi Water

We are organic certified

Our land is 100% certified organic, that means we are doing our part for the environment by focusing on organic, sustainable farming practices, soil health, land regeneration and biodiversity protection around the source of Vaiwai to give you the most responsibly sourced water in the world.

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Mostly asked questions

What makes Vaiwai's Fiji Water so special?

Vaiwai’s Fiji Water, produced from the Namosi rainforest’s pristine springs, tastes as clean as nature.

Why does Vaiwai's Fiji Water taste uniquely refreshing?

The natural filtering process that occurs in the Namosi area through volcanic layers gives our water minerals that improve its crisp, smooth flavor. 


Is Vaiwai's bottled water from Fiji safe to drink?

Absolutely. We test our water thoroughly to make sure it is safe and that it stays pure right from the source in the unspoiled rainforest.


What makes this type of water the most beneficial to drink?

Fiji Water, made from natural purity and necessary minerals, is one of the healthiest hydration solutions.