Our Water

Not only does VaiWai® come from a special place, it tastes great, and leaves a positive impact on the communities from where it originates.Sourced in the lush rainforest of Namosi, in the Fiji Islands, we harvest the water from the natural aquifer and then bottle it at source. The aquifer is deep underground and acts as a natural filter so that the water at source is very pure and has a unique smooth texture and taste with an “appealing mineral content”.

Our Achievements | Fiji Bottling Plant

The land above the aquifer is certified organic, an added assurance of VaiWai’s® purity and quality. We’re super proud that VaiWai® has been awarded by the International Quality Institute in Brussels as an exemplary tasting water for the fifth time, achieving 3 Gold Stars and the Diamond Award in 2022 and is the preferred choice by water sommeliers in the markets we operate in.

Taste it, we’re sure that you’ll be impressed.

Our Community

At VaiWai® we believe that we can make a difference to our communities, our people and our country.

We pride ourselves on our wholesome family values . We look after our people. We help provide career opportunities and we support the communities around our source and our bottling plant.

Our community helps keep things moving

We voluntarily minimise automation of some of our processes in order to ensure high employment. While many manufacturers world-wide seek to reduce labour through automation, it is our desire to provide employment and social benefit through efficient manufacturing processes and practices whilst providing much needed opportunity for employment. Our staff, our partners, and our shareholders also support our quest for sustainable business practices.

We believe that giving back to our country and its rural communities is incredibly important.

Our vision is to enable more rural communities to have better access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. Our main support goes to Rotary Pacific Water to provide water and sanitation solutions to communities in need across Fiji. This wonderful organization, with Pleass Global as Platinum Donor, gives communities access to clean running water and sanitation. It is life-changing and life-saving. Our ability to support such programs is only made possible because of the wonderful support we receive from our customers. Our sponsorship funds support environmental initiatives, send children on scholarships to school, and support a range of sporting clubs and teams, plus health and wellness and healthy lifestyle programs.

Safe Drinking Water | Fiji Water Aquifer

Mostly asked questions

Where is the Fiji Water bottling plant located?

Near the source, at the edge of the Fiji Water Aquifer in Fiji, the bottling factory minimizes transit and preserves water quality.

Is Vaiwai’s Fiji Water still bottled in Fiji?

yes, we quickly obtain and bottle all of our Fiji Bottled Water at our cutting-edge Fijian facilities, guaranteeing its purity and freshness from aquifer to bottle.

How are Vaiwai’s Fiji Water bottles produced?

We carefully craft our bottles to ensure durability and safety, using materials that preserve the natural purity and taste of the water while considering environmental impact.

What makes Fiji Water so special?

Ancient volcanic rocks uniquely filter Fiji Water, collecting minerals and electrolytes that enhance its smooth, fresh taste, setting it apart from other bottled waters.